Sunday, June 1, 2008

Economic loss - the human cost?

As we hear of such words as sub-prime, credit crunch, margin lending, economic down turn, profit down grading, share price drop, they are all systemic to the market at present. C.E.O's, boards and management are under huge pressures to stabilise, or at least seek to bring some stabilisation, to an unstable juggernaut the global economy and global markets of which they play.

But unfortunately, there is no reprieve as we collide head on with the vast expenditure and high geared debt financing that have created an economic abyss void of any bottom at the present shallowing up the profit forecast and associate share price values with it.

It is hard to see a light at the end of the economic tunnel and one would suspect it still might get worse before it gets better, as the full realisation of those profit downgrades and restricted lending dries up the robust funding of which these profit forecast relied.

Is it the chicken and the egg syndrome? Well it’s hard to say, it is anything less then yes! We don’t know which will abide first the share market meltdown or the increased credit flows? But we do know the massive pressures that these circumstances are having on the global and local markets.

These pressures are not just financial but systematically personal, with real social cost! But what is the social cost?
This can be outlined and detailed in our own reflections of life and the subsequent journey that it takes as on, with the varying scenery that unfold on it.

The papers and economist resound about the economic loss but there is little discussion on the human cost and the associated human loss, and these losses are hugely significant, to the individual, the family, the employer and society.

Human loss is defined as loss in emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and relational areas of ones life. All these areas of our lives transact daily in every minute of our lives, we make deposits and withdrawal’s in each of there’s areas, it is on this premise that we can ascertain whether we are positively geared or negatively geared and thus in profit or loss?

The real cost of the current market melt down cannot be equated, on the company share price per say, but the real human cost may continue long after the current market volatility subsides.

Stress, pressure, uncertainty, loss of sleep, neglected relationships and unhealthy copying mechanisms can lead to unproductive and unprofitable human outcomes and downgraded life satisfaction.

If we are to realise human potential, we must first value that potential, as one; that the individual seeks to obtain it and the necessity there of. For if we are not truly profitable emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, relationally how can we really be satisfied with achieving economic profit, if human potential is not achieved?

Is begs the question what is true potential? Potential that is worthy to be seeked and achieved?
Does life satisfaction equate to any economic value or does it become a commodity to be traded?

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